We Interrupt This Empire

Broadcasting On All Frequencies


You have been redirected is transmitting from a parallel dimension entirely in Flash. This alternative version was created exclusively for mobile end users. A full immersion transport will be released at a future spacetime. To expedite redirection, Hal 9000 will assign you to an airlock chamber until the DNA sequencing is complete. Your compliance is mandatory.

In Droid We Trust

SugarDiva demands your presence at a ball in honor of the acquisition of Her newest toy; the Planet Earth. Genetically Engineered Life Forms as well as Earthlings are invited to attend the festivities.

Witness the violation of popular art forms from Earth's doomed civilization. A captured band shall be tortured into playing various forms of Earth music, such as ebm, g-funk and speedpolka. Artifical constructs will administer high dosages of torment via virtual reality. Damage over time guaranteed!

This event will be broadcast Live on various frequencies in Machine Code, Esperanto and NumberWang. Sample the delights of Earth before they are wiped from the Universe forever. Spend a night reliving the future the way it used to be!

Choose your designation carefully

You are a most unusual species, worthy of a voyage into the digital æther. This Multipass will grant you access to some of the most exquisite delights of your spacetime.

The Cabaret Cinema

Top-Shelf Elixir Bottle Service
A concoction in a highball glass, filled with a double shot of independent shorts, two fingers of eclectic music videos, and twist of obscure adverts.
Indulge your senses.


iCandy Pins

When I first arrived to your spacetime, there was very little representation of fembots. Aside from ASFR webpages, most artifical constructs were crude modifications with circuit boards and diodes. Overtime, there has been a lovely mass invasion of mechanical toys infiltrating the metasphere. This multipass will granted access a ftp of my personal favorites.


The Siren of Chrome

This Assassinatrix has contravened the Zeroth Law. Exhibiting incorruptible charm, the Nexus unit speaks in stereo with a dulcet sans-serif point eight Arial accent. Hardwired to vitiate the Human Collective. Powered by greed, and calibrated for thrill kills.

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Such Droids Are Dangerous

Contact at your own risk and peril

Terms of Service

By accessing and using this website, you agree to each of the terms and conditions set forth herein:

These terms are subject to change without notice.

All information harvested from your visit will be exploited. Data acquired by means of email may be subjected to doxing and/or to severe persecution. Raw DNA will be indexed, and may be sold and/or modified.

Explicit language warning. Do not place near flammable or magnetic source. Avoid contact with skin. Mobile service charges are non-refundable. There is a 2 drink minimum. No parking on the dancefloor.

This d-vice is meant for recreational purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons, organic or mechanical is purely coincidental. Requests for additional information or access to this Gynoid will be denied. Attempts to sabotage will be recorded and submitted to the proper authorities. Thank you for your compliance citizen. Have a nice decade.

And man created Machine.
And Machine created music.
And Machine saw everything It had made and said: BEHOLD©
And on the seventh day, Machine pressed